I propose five commandments: 1. Be non-violent. 2. Be honest. 3. Practice calm, informed reasoning. 4. Be courageous. 5. Be kind.


Honesty is my religion, my "presupposition." I trust that honesty is best for the universe, even if not always for me. I should be honest with myself first, then with non-violent people. Courage will be required.


Andy Manzo 10 years  ago

1) If someone is in the act of burning a house down, I think it’s ok to do violence to cause him to stop.
2) If someone threatens to burn a house down if I don’t pay him $1million, I think it’s moral to say “Ok, I’m calling my accountant” and dial 911 instead.
3) If I’m bombing down a run on a snowboard, I think it’s sometimes ok to be unreasonable and hysterical. Laughing can be moral.
4) If I’m being threatened by an irrational maniac, I think it might be ok to be cowardly.
5) If someone is being a dick, like the guy trying to burn the house down, I think it’s ok to not be kind to him.

I agree that these are good guiding principles. But they aren’t very good commandments.