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Too many tragedies in life come flrom innocent people getting hurt. It's not fair. Crimes against animals should be the most henious crime ever.
It's impossible to love everyone, but you can at least show basic courtesy to people you dislike. Every organisation has personality clashes, but it makes things run much more harmoniously if you can at least say hello them them.
Too much trouble comes from denying yourself someone for no reason. Indulge if it is safe to do so. You'll get it out of your system much faster than if you denied yourself.
Exercise is very important. You don't have to kill yourself in the gym. Even walking the dog everyday can do you wonders for your physical and mental health. If you have time, join a social sporting team for fun.
These scams prey on the most vulnerable people who are desperate for a better life. While money is important to pay the bills, having more money will NOT make you happy! These MLM scams make big promises, but unless you're at the top of the tree, you'll be left poorer for it.
It can be easy to run from our problems. Mature people confront their problems and try to resolve them. Progress may be slow, but it will be worth it. Bad times don't last forever.
While it's good to follow realistic role models, unfair comparison with others can be harmful to your mental health. Try and accept your lot in life and make the most of it. People with big shiny toys aren't as happy as they seem.
While well-meaning, the "cult of optimism" is one of the biggest scams out there. They offer quick fixes to problems which need more work and are very manipulative. Self help gurus may seem caring, but they are very selfish. It's far better to talk to a trusted friend for help.

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The easiest way to get caught up in religious crooks/MLM scams and self-help schemes is to not ask questions. You should question everything; if something smells fishy, then it probably is. Do your research and think things through before committing to anything.
Not everyone gets their "dream" job. If you hate your job, keep at it if it pays the bills and helps keep your family safe and secure. Your family's security is more important than your "dreams" and "goals"