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Part mad scientist, part gonzo journalist. Compulsive writer. Coauthor of the polyamory book More Than Two: I have lots to say.

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The impulse toward treating others as things, directly (in the form of slavery) and indirectly (when we view people as means to an end or as ways to get needs met), is one of the greatest sources of evil behavior.
Entitlement--the belief that you should benefit from rights, institutions, or other benefits you would deny to others--deprives those others of the full participation in the civil systems you construct, disenfranchises others, and leads to harm.
When we hold entire groups or classes of people responsible for the transgressions of individuals, we plant the seeds for harmful, destructive stereotypes.
The deliberate infliction of suffering on another person to achieve some end invariably corrupts that end. It is not reliable as a means of obtaining information, and when used as punishment for a transgression, reduces the torturer to the level of barbarity of the transgressor.
A civilization which enshrines violence against any of its members or any other people has the seeds of atrocity planted in its soil.