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The only reason for believing anything is evidence or inference from evidence. Science has made the largest contributions to the welfare of mankind and should not be ignored or viewed with scepticism or suspicion. Be willing to change your views if new evidence comes to light.
We are all a product of evolution. No one is special; all living beings inhabit a complex web of interactions and differ in value to those around them. Appreciate this and do not value one life over another because of their level of sentience or benefit solely to you.
The best way to solve disputes, from everyday life to politics, is to consider all evidence and meet a reasonable agreement between different viewpoints. Don't let emotions, reputation, tradition or petty grudges be the focus of your actions, but use REASON and LOGIC.
It shouldn't need to be said that people cannot help being who they are. Accept that everyone is different and try to be understanding of how their lives are different to yours, rather than being a jerk.
It may sound obvious, but negligence and refusal to take responsibility are an immense source of harm in the world, from interpersonal relations to Global issues.

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Society benefits from and thrives on altruism. Do whatever you can, however small, for those less fortunate than yourself. They may repay the favour to you or to someone else. Everyone wins.

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It sounds cliche, but it really is a golden rule that can encompass much of how we behave. All living beings capable of any level of sentience have much the same rights as you do. Put yourself in their shoes before acting, especially if they are disadvantaged compared to you.
We all experience life for only a relatively short time in the grand scope of things. But in that short time we can make a huge impact on the world that can last much longer than our own lives. Make that impact a positive one.
We are all different and we all have our reasons for what we do. You don't have to like what another person does, but at least understand why they do it before judging them. This includes even the worst criminals. Knowledge puts you in a better position to critique.

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Be flexible. Don't adhere to a rigid code, but use your brain and adapt as necessary.