Linda McQuarrie Pantalone

8 Beliefs discovered

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Empathy is core in development of conscience. With empathy we are more likely to choose to treat others as they would want to be treated, to stminimize pain and suffering before maximizing pleasure and happiness. Empathy recognizes animals as fellow creatures who too fear, suffer
Only I am entitled, leads to emotional distance, hatred and cruelty. Liberty, freedom and happiness require equal distribution of power, applied evenly, to prevent tyranny. We have a responsibility to develop, uphold, and safeguard the rights, and freedoms for all.
We all must react to social, political, and environmental violations, abuses, and tragedy with more than moral outrage. From bullying, to genocide and human depravity, few step forward. Never be the indifferent, fearful, or unwilling. bystander.
Quality of life depends on the quality of our thoughts. Determine our paths in life, what we build, create, and model. Commit to overcome customs, biases, fears, assumptions, and preconceptions. When we close our minds, we are vulnerable to bad ideas, and others suffer.
Unproductive guilt, results in inaction, and the compounding of error. Amends, saying sorry, taking responsibility, then doing one's best to rectify and repair the damage, lets us grow, and move on. Forgive self, others. We are human.
Children are our future. Each child deserves our best. Modelling empathy is the beginning of conscience. Encouraging curiosity, and the love of lifelong learning, challenges them. Praising efforts encourages them to make rational, compassionate decisions, and to be active.
Today matters. 60% of the world depends on natural resources just to survive. The future matters what will be left. There is a correlation between a healthy ecosystem and clean water and food. .Clear water and sufficient food must have priority over profit.
Realizing your potential builds self esteem, inspires, motivates, and gives you a meaningful life, way to fashion a better world for all. Daily you build your legacy, with every thought, word, and deed. Choose joy, love, compassion, kindness, courage, gratitude, and action.