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This includes a person\"s right to not be murdered, raped, imprisoned without just cause (violating another person\'s rights), kidnapped, attacked, tortured, etc. This also protects a person\'s freedom of speech and freedom to dress and represent themselves as they so choose.
Every person can espouse a belief but every belief can and should be evaluated and critiqued. People do not have the right to act on all beliefs. This also means that governments should remain secular.
Joy could be argued to the purpose of living. While not everyone can obtain it everyone should have the opportunity.

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Life is temporary but precious. Everyone deserves the opportunity to extend their life as long as they can.

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Education drives economic prosperity and is the tool to building a moral healthy society. For the betterment of everyone as many people as possible should be educated.
In defense of their rights a person may violate the rights of the person or persons whose actions threaten to violate the rights of the defending person. Defense should involve the least violation of the aggressors rights possible and should't violate the rights of the uninvolved
Science and reason can be employed to determine what is a human level of consciousness and self awareness. This understanding may evolve with new evidence.
Utilitarian ethics are a good start but are not perfect. The rights of every person need to take precedence over utilitarian based decisions.
No cruel and unusual punishment. Proof of violation of rights is necessary for action to be taken.
The universe is beautiful but not perfect. Use the tools of intellect, of curiosity, of science, of cooperation, of hope to ever enhance it. Question what you know and accept when you are wrong.