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Laws are important for an orderly and fair society but are not infallible. Respecting current laws does not mean that one should follow unjust laws or be closed to change. Laws need to be reevaluated and re-written as society evolves.

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It is dangerous to accept rule without questioning the motives of the rulers. Preserve freedom of the press and freedom of expression to safe guard society's ability to challenge the establishment.
Tyrannical cultures require subjects that accept lies and superstition. Any society that truly seeks knowledge will be immune to such rule.
Pain and suffering are, for the foreseeable future, part of life. However, we have the ability to minimize suffering . I believe we have a moral imperative to use our knowledge to minimize suffering for all people and but also research animals and animals we use for food.
Without an effort to recover biological diversity and reduce waste, each subsequent generation will inherent a increasingly deteriorating planet. Each generation should pledge to reverse the trend to break the chain of destruction.