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Empathy is the source of our altruistic impulses but relies on establishing a relationship or closeness to the other person. To develop a sense of empathy towards all fellow human beings requires us to treat all fellow beings as members of our own family or other close knit group
Due to the statistical presence in every society of narcissistic personality types who tend to lack empathy, serve only their own interests, and seek power and influence, each organization of more than 150 members must presume such a person leads and establish safeguards.
Without need for supernatural commandment individuals must be held to behavior that respects the rights of all people. Although the word "evil" has religious connotation it should be used to describe behavior which results in unjustified harm to others or exploitation of others.
To discourage harmful behavior, whenever a person or group suffers injury as a result of the act or omission of another, the person or group responsible should bear the burden of justifying the behavior and, if not justified, should be liable for the damage caused.
Religious beliefs are a fundamental part of most societies and cannot be disparaged or ignored. The societal problems that arise from religious beliefs occur when individuals impose their interpretation of Devine will upon others.
Humans are the only living beings known that intentionally destroy life and do so with alarming frequency for selfish motives. Following natural law will benefit all.
A principal cause of aggression in the world is found in differing value systems that, either through religious, ideological or nationalistic doctrine, are rigid, intolerant and justify aggression towards those who do not adhere to such value systems.
Purely altruistic behavior may seem to be the most desirable type of behavior, however, by failing to look after his or her own interests, the altruist loses over time the ability or capacity to do good works for others due to neglect over their own welfare.

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The more educated a society is, the more peaceful and prosperous it tends to be.
All systems of morals tend to categorize selfish behavior as "evil" and altruistic behavior as "good". Homo sapiens sapiens thrived due to a balance between selfish and altruistic behavior that promoted the overall success of the species. This balance we call "morality".