Scott Fitzgerald

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Any short set of rules will be made to look silly by exceptions which we can think up, thus undermining the rules.
Because there are too many people only obsessed with monetary value who have forgotten about actual value
Because this allows more balanced consideration and leaves the decision making in their own hands
I see many people who seem to expect happiness, and when it does not come they seem to become worse for it.
Rich people holding up majorities of wealth is not an efficient way for humans to move forward.
It is hard to make predictions. people want things to go well and think positively about life, so they tend to expect things to go better than they ought to based on facts. This is setting oneself up for a series of disappointments.
Humans tend to think in short term ways. This tendency could be our undoing.
Ideas need time to be tested and refined. The earlier the idea the weaker it is likely to be.