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Education is the key to understanding. We must live in reality and deal with the real over the supernatural.

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Logic allows for discussion without the rage that comes from indefensible beliefs
Religion is the act of separation thus making one group supposedly superior to another. This is untenable.
In order to be considered fair for all we must always maintain our cool so no one can look at us as raging buffoons
People come by their beliefs through many means but one of the most influential and hardest to fight are the ones conditioned from birth. Putting people down does not allow for reasonable discussion. Measured response can open the door to someone's mind.
Honesty is important. We don't have all the answers. Say so when you need. And when confronted with illogic point out their lack of proof and that lack of proof is not a truth unto itself.
Every biblical and religious text was written by a human, edited by a human, approved by a human.
Emotional response is part of the human experience not given to us by some invisible magic.