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Knowledge is always better than ignorance. It is a privilege to be a live, sentient being and as such is our duty to embrace knowledge.
Empathy is the height of moral development and the quality that allows humans to live together in harmony.
The capacity to reflect upon our past experiences and actions and their impact on our community is critical to our success and survival.
Long term coexistence on a crowded planet demands we prioritize the welfare of many over the preferences of the few. And the impact or our actions on the most vulnerable and future generations must be considered.
An extension for "thou shalt not steal", earn honorably applies also to paying living wages to those whose contributions make the enterprise successful, and recognizing through compensation or mention those who inspired or co-created a product.
Live simply may supplant the "thou shalt not covet" rules; because a culture of consumption is often fueled by greed and jealousy without regard to the impact of over-consumption on the ecosystem or the individuals driven to consume.
Kudos to Daniel Dennett for enlightening us all to the true meaning of this term; because there is goodness all around us and when we choose to highlight the many aspects of human kindness and decency that exist, we perpetuate it.